Capitalist Greed

Composite Photograph based on scenes from Chicago and Wolf of Wall Street
Capitalist Greed • Composite Photograph • 2016

Some see Greed as a part of human nature and a positive motivating force giving capitalism its dynamism and making it a force for progress. Others, viewing it at odds with our nature as social beings, hold it to be a retrograde evil holding back development worldwide while enriching a handful, resulting in misery for billions of people. But the problem is deeper than human failings and self-interestedness. Rather the dog-eat-dog competition inherent to capitalism is driving the system into ever deeper crisis with calamitous results for the working class and the great multitude of humanity.

The existing world economic order constitutes a system of plunder and exploitation like no other in history. Thus, the peoples believe less and less in statements and promises.

The prestige of the international financial institutions rates less than zero.

The world economy is today a huge casino. Recent analyses indicate that for every dollar that goes into trade, over 100 end up in speculative operations completely disconnected from the real economy.

As a result of this economic order, over 75 percent of the world’s population lives in underdevelopment, and extreme poverty has already reached 1.2 billion people in the Third World. So, far from narrowing, the gap is widening.

Fidel Castro, International Conference on Financing for Development, in Monterrey, Mexico,, 2002

Sources: “Chicago” (2002) and “The Wolf of Wall Street.” (2013)