The Fog of War

The Fog of War • Encaustic Mixed-Media • 2015
The Fog of War • Encaustic Mixed-Media • 2015

Disastrous political and military decisions, as well as war crimes and great atrocities, are often attributed to “the fog of war.” But can a Big Lie sometimes be at the heart of these events instead?

Sources: Original photography, barbed wire, found objects

Additional Comments

Red Roses are a powerful symbol that can refer to love, reason, and even martyrdom. Here it is used as a methaphor for the lives lost in the predatory wars of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries.

A close look at the rose at the center of this piece shows that it is a fake and a fraud. It is a fabric rose caught on a real thorne.

Blood-soaked barbed wire, a tool of modern war that has extracted such a high price, is, perhaps, an invitation to armageddon. A small clump of rose buds emerges, taking our eyes off a gold medallion, symbolizes a hope that reason and the just aspirations of many millions may yet prevail.